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    She is the cutest! Great job making an authentic-looking Mary Poppins outfit! And hoe fun for your daughter.I am going to see the Theater production of Mary Poppins, and I’m making myself a Poppins-inspired outfit to wear to the show (and I’m an adult)!

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    For all that you and 4-4 Cav does…Thank you!! Looking forward to having all you guys home safely. In the mean time, be safe, Kick A$$, and know that we are cheering and suporrting you guys from here on the home front all the way!

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    Honestly. You people need to let up on the author a bit. I actually enjoyed the story, poorly written or not. I was entertained and thats honestly all that matters to me. Concept wise: It was okay too (although it reminds me of another pasta)VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

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    that's the exact same problem I have, always forgetting to switch everything out. OR! I leave little bits of trash/wrappers/odds and ends from the kids in the bag I'm switching out of because I'm in a hurry or lazy, then end up with 2-3 bags that have bits of junk in each of them. I hate that!

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    I still haven’t got out of “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” of Steve Jobs and now you are giving me “Stay Nervous”. I would say “Stay Cool”.

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    I LOVED this video and the blogs and all the other blogs i have been reading lately about people who are truly going for it.I have been reading IS 6 this whole week and I really pray that god sends me. somewhere. anywhere. i am so inspired by these people. i love that regardless of where we live, or what denomination we belong to, we are all equal at the foot of the cross.

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    wow, I have to check if any of the shops sell Tahitian fish sauce. Mr and I saw that and what we think was prawn sauce at the Papeete market, they were clear in colour compared to the brownish Thai/ Vietnam version. So want to buy some but since that's our first stop in two weeks trip and the bottles didn't look leak proof at all we had to give up on the idea. Hope we will find it in Sydney! Thanks for another great post 🙂

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    Sono contento perchè con questa strategia si capisono i veri intenti di Intel e se vai a vedere sul tra le news c’è la notizia di quando sono entrati a far parte del progetto. Per loro è solo pubblicità e basta!Paolo 6 un grande!!!Ciao

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    Wow! He also mentioned the chocolate bar fund raiser was between 1965-68. I was between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. Volunteer service certainly made its impression on me from a very young age.

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    So true, Sultan. Right off the bat I saw a problem with her and her racist comments about white males and her unique experience. She more qualified by virtue of her race–if any other race made a comment like that they’d be beaten to a pulp by the media and public.If she can’t grasp and comprehend that all men (and women) are created equal what hope do we have that she’ll be a just judge on anything after that?

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    aiaiai disse:Hoje mesmo eu ouvi “mas você vai sozinha”? Eu sou dessa turma que prefere mesmo viajar sozinha. Eu também me divirto qd estou com outros mas estar sozinha, perto, longe ou mesmo dentro de casa, é uma experiência de liberdade ímpar.

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    600 + yards against a high school defense. The patriots just did the same thing against them the week before. What’s your point?Trick plays are how this team moves the ball.

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    Edmund is cool in his unique way. He brought some baggage that we are currently sorting through. Did I mention he's very loving? Did I mention he's communicative and you will never have to guess what he wants because he's going to tell you?Edmund will always have an opinion. We just have to find him a good negotiator.

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    Jorge,O teu PCP vale o mesmo que valem os outros. É preciso ser completamente daaaa para não perceber que aqui não evangelizas ninguém.

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    Hey Cate! So glad you’re back. Missed you. Hard to believe it gets that cold where you are…you’re dressed like I am here in February. Lovely pic of J and Missy, too cute. Owie re the finger, that looks like it hurt A LOT! Hope it is healing well. Looking forward to you posting more often. Sheri recently posted..

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    get their faces out there wherever you can, especially together! Good move I think! It will get more people interested in the movie for sure!!!! And it’s always nice for us when he is out and about…..

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    It’s rare that I come across a crock pot recipe that actually looks healthy and not too overly hearty and filling, which is too bad because crock pot meals are awesome. But this one definitely fit the bill!

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    Je fais partie de celle qui n’aime pas, j’aime le rose, les paillettes ect mais là c’est trop enfantin pour moi.

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    Oh sweetheart! It's so moving to read this. Had goosebumps. All the best my dear, may you have all the strength you need to have a great, absolutely easy and happy time! For ever!!! Congratulations to you and 'Baba'. Will be thrilled to keep reading more, if you up to it Love, love, love,Ahalya

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    Your letter moved me to tears and that doesn’t happen often. Although I live in the UK under different circumstances and of course with a different relationship to your President, this letter was everything I’ve always wanted to say without having the words to say it or the audience to listen to it. Thankyou.

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    Bien vu de montrer que ce n’est pas q’une « simple affaire de dessin » et que c’est aussi beaucoup de travail préparatoire avec des contraintes à intégrer pour réaliser une scribing video.U rock man! i like that.

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    I like an ice cream sandwich on dark chocolate almond lacey cookies, but this friggin ice cream bowl is genius! No more dripping ice cream down the wrist, it’s contained in the bowl and then caramel sauce with course salt – c’mon! Nobel prize nomination.

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    For years, my favorite lip gloss and balm was anything by Burt’s Bees, until I had to give it up to address a topical mint allergy right around my lips (what? I know!). So sad. I’m on the hunt for a new favorite go-to. Until then, it’s back to the Black Honey with the shea cream Korres lip balm on top.

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    I notice that other Fan Pages appear even before I log in to FB. Our Fan Page does not appear, you have to log in to see it. Is there a setting for this? Here’s my FB link:

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    I love her chubby little legs kicking up in the air as you hug her! So cute And I feel ya on the sexy beach hair…my bangs are in that awkward in-between stage where it doesn’t get in my eyes IF I DON’T MOVE but they’re too short to tuck behind my ear -_-

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    you are doing a very good job saving moms’ babies. moms in uganda are lucky to have you not just visiting but advocating for them. good luck in your endeavours.

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    Quite standard for Democrat presidents. When Clinton came to visit the 82nd in Egypt, the USSS locked up all the weapons in advance of his visit. Look at all the photo of Clinton with US trooper, they are always disarmed. There was a big fear that he would be taken out if the troops were armed.

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    Shit vad trött du måste vara! Men det är det värt när man har haft så skoj som ni verkar ha haft. :)Kram

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    " I've seen more small road projects the past three years than I ever remember before"…So no major arterial road work to speak of, eh jet b?What I find interesting in your comment is that it mirrors the opinion of people I know living in both Chicago and Denver…Locally the only 'new' road work going on is another bridge across the Mississippi to Illinois but that was a project that basically got started some eight years ago…Otherwise all we have going on around here is some basic highway improvement work… .

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    Simplicity paired with that skirt is such a great idea. The details all mean so much more this way! I love the pockets and the embroidery on the skirt. It is really super adorable. And the little curl in your hair. So great!

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    Oh, and hi to everyone who commented while I took a year to compose my own comment! 😀 Cordelia loves "Christmas Shoes," too. Jazz, I LOVE New Year's for that reason — the reflection. And the feeling that something new is beginning.

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    – Cookie Dough – 1.5 Tbsp of Unsalted Butter 2? Tbsp. 1/4 tsp. of Sugar 1.5 Tbsp of beaten egg 5.5 Tbsp. of Cake/Pastry Flour 1/4 tsp of Baking Powder Bread Flour for dusting

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    Ben this is a lovely memorial to Dan. He was very fortunate to have such amazing friends like yourself. He will be driving around with you as you race & I’d say he would have that big grin on his face.He is missed dearly but will forever be with us. Jo

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    amazing; I don’t know why it struck me so funny, thoug. I think it was the public speaking image. And how would it deal with the fear of waiting and fear of peanut butter stuck to the roof of the mouth that I had posted about;)

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    Ja to bym chciał żeby dało się kierować tą głupią świnią jak się na niej siedzi, chyba nie jest to takie trudne. Tyle trudniejszych rzeczy zrobili. Oczywiście nie potępiam ich pracy ale tą świnie to powinni zrobić odrazu jak wymyślili siodło

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    CW -Your post hits at the heart of the matter, and the ending sums it all up. The depth and power of the deception against which we battle attests to the truth that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”The wickedness in high places is stultifying. Thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do.

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    Lovar att lÃ¥ta dig fÃ¥ veta när jag tycker att du har fel ocksÃ¥. Inställsamheten fÃ¥r ju inte komma i vägen för ärligheten… 🙂

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    The base was a lot wider before. I like the original better What’s with that lame concrete square below it?I just want to thank the customer of ours (Sloan’s Dry Cleaners on Broadway) who saw the incident happen and got hold of me right away. Who knows? We may not have a clock today if it hadn’t been for her letting me know so I could inform the Chamber about it because when I called them, they had no clue the clock was down and much less that it was the film crew. Gracias customer of ours.

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    Ah I love these pictures!!! You are such a diva in that big ass hair and shoulder pads. I remember this style, I wore it too! You totally rock it! It was all about our hair wasn't it. I had perms for several years. Were the spiral perms ever big out there? The Witches of Eastwick, loved that movie so much!! You look super cute in this lil black number and floral tights and winter boots. I'm starting to think the UK will float away before I have a chance to see it! Stay dry and friggin awesome!XXOOKrista

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    wilsond882In war of the worlds he thinks he’s a good father then he has a crisis of confidence until he has a life changing experience and becomes a better father… (pure bullox)

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